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When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.
unknown (via s-stevens)

🍊Live a beautiful life… #inspiration✨


🍊Live a beautiful life… #inspiration✨


Tengo miedo que pase lo que paso la última ves..Llo se lo que siente mi corazón y espero que el tullo sienta lo mismo. No quiero ser lastimada de nuevo. Ojalá y esto funcioné por lo mejor porque yo creo que los dos juntos podríamos ser muy felices

You give me butterflies

Smiiiiile!! :)))

All smiles because of you. I see your text come through & I smile. I see your phone call coming thru & I smile. I smile just thinking about you. I hope this time around is different & we can make it work because I love it that you make me smile all the time :)))

Hurtful Rejection

I hate that it’s do hard for me to let go of the fear..I know everyone’s scared but I just don’t like rejection or getting hurt..I wanna try n work it out but only if u feel the same way